Kanye Steals Again!

No mere human.

Regular Vulture readers will know that blogger-musician Kanye West, widely revered as Earth’s most productive inhabitant, holds a special place in our hearts. We love his albums, his puppetry, his altercations with paparazzi, and, not least of all, his blog (which we’re actually on record as calling the very finest destination on the whole Internet — and we’ll stand by that). But this doesn’t mean we weren’t upset last month when we learned he’d shamelessly plagiarized someone else’s writing (ours, in fact). And now he’s done it again! Fader’s blog today reports that he’s lifted some of their photos for this post without linking or giving credit. Like us, they are flabbergasted to have been stolen from by Kanye. We can only imagine what T-Pain must feel like.

Hey Kanye, Those Photos Look Really Familiar [Fader]

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Kanye Steals Again!