Michael Cera to Star in ‘Paper Hearts,’ the World’s Best Movie

“Oh, that? It’s just my Hopemonger Hypno-Lamp.”

Ask anyone what film they’re most looking forward to next year and they’ll probably tell you Watchmen or Inglourious Basterds or some other crap. Why? Because they’ve not yet heard of Paper Hearts, the top-secret new Michael Cera movie debuting at January’s Sundance Film Festival. According to The Hollywood Reporter today, Hearts’ makers are trying to keep it under wraps — it’s not even on IMDb! — in hopes that it might take the fest by surprise, like Napoleon Dynamite did in 2005. “Any movie that’s going to be touted too much will have a bull’s-eye on its back,” says one of HR’s sources. Still, though, if the film’s anywhere near as good as its stealth marketing campaign implies, can there be any doubt that Paper Hearts will surpass The Dark Knight’s box-office gross on its way to next year’s Academy Award for Best Picture?

According to HR, Hearts — directed by newcomer Nicholas Jasenovec — is a “part-documentary, part-scripted comedy” about the relationship between Cera and Charlyne Yi, his real-life girlfriend (who played Jodi in Knocked Up). Presumably Cera will play another dolt who bumbles his way into an awkward sexual encounter, and the soundtrack will feature indie rock of some variety. Sounds awesome to us!

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Michael Cera to Star in ‘Paper Hearts,’ the World’s Best Movie