Nas Is Ready to Make a Projection

1. Nas and Green Lantern, “Election Night”
After previously expressing some doubt, Nas is the first rapper to call the election for Obama on brand-new track recorded yesterday. [Umbilical Cord]

2. M.I.A. and Blaqstarr, “Save Ur Soul”
ScarJo did fine on her set of Tom Waits covers, but M.I.A. does more than cover his “Way Down in the Hole,” bringing in Blaqstarr to rap the verses. You’ve seen the video, now enjoy the MP3! [First Up!]

3. Megapuss, “Adam & Steve”
Devandra Banhart and Greg Rogove’s side project turns in another awesome, sloppy half-song, not that you’d expect anything less. [Stranger Dance]

4. Scott Weiland, “Fame” (David Bowie cover)
Weiland remakes Bowie’s case that fame is nothing but a four-letter word, not that this beat-heavy cover from his upcoming solo record is likely to get him all that much attention. [He’s a Whore]

5. James Figurine, “Blinded by the Lights” (Streets cover)
James Tamborello (who also records as Dntel and half of Postal Service) turns Mike Skinner’s A Grand Don’t Come for Free track into a glitchy instrumental, and you’d have to be deafened by the lights not to enjoy it. [Music Slut]

Nas Is Ready to Make a Projection