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Paul Rudd Dispenses With the Formalities

“It’s okay, you can call him McLovin, everybody else does.” —Paul Rudd, cutting off an interviewer who was about to refer to his Role Models co-star as “Christopher Mintz-Plasse” [The A.V. Club]

“But I feel like right now I’m still kind of young and my voice is whiny.” McLovin on why he’s sticking to comedy for a while [LAT]

“I know it’s obvious to say Sarah Palin, but, you know, Sarah Palin.” —SNL head writer Seth Meyers on who he’ll miss most now that the election is over [Politico]

“Bawdy jokes are okay, if they’re really good.” Justice Antonin Scalia on television indecency [WaPo]

“Reality is not for me. I don’t think I’m that interesting. I need to play someone else.” Brandy [MTV]

Paul Rudd Dispenses With the Formalities