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Pete Seeger Just Found Out About Pitchfork This Morning

Catherine Opie’s Untitled #10 (Surfers) (2003).

“An Internet magazine! So you don’t have to cut down trees. I’ll be damned.” Pete Seeger [Pitchfork]

“Everybody said, ‘Oh, aren’t you afraid you’ll be typecast?’ And I said, ‘Of course I am,’ but if it has to be this — well, that’s not too bad.” Daniel Craig on playing James Bond [NYT]

“It’s not a special-effects movie, that’s for sure. It ain’t spaceships. It’s not explosions. It’s about people, hopefully.” David Fincher on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [NYT]

“Reading the script, I knew that one of the major functions is to be the supporting boyfriend, what in a straight movie would be the supporting wife role. For a female actress, maybe that would sound like, ‘Oh, no, another supporting wife role.’ But I’ve never been offered that part.” James Franco on his role in Milk [LAT]

“A lot of babies. I want a lot of babies that are made through my music, to my music.” Maxwell on what he hopes will be his legacy [Pop & Hiss/LAT]

“Obama’s talking about change, change, change, and you’ve got McCain, who used ‘Right Now’ in his campaign. I’ve got both guys talking about my philosophy. And I’m fine with that.” Sammy Hagar [Billboard via Reuters]

Pete Seeger Just Found Out About Pitchfork This Morning