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Robert Downey Jr.’s Next Movie to Be Awesome

Bogdan Rata’s Ecce homo (picior mana), 2008.

”Beware the passion project. It’s so predictable: ‘Now that I have a hit, I can tell that story about the transsexual horse whisperer!”’ Robert Downey Jr. [EW]

“There’s a place for it. I think people will enjoy it if you’re actually in love or going through something.” 50 Cent on Kanye West’s upcoming album, 808s & Heartache [MTV]

“The life of an actor can be very enviable. If the phone rings and somebody says, ‘I see you as the leader of a group of aliens with enormous heads,’ I think that’s fantastic.” Wallace Shawn on playing aliens and Upper East Side lawyers [NYT]

“Who cares about fame and fortune? I’m going to be a plush animal.” Mark Walton, voice of Rhino in the upcoming Bolt [NYT]

“People come from three states away and walk up to you trembling. I feel that I am at a disadvantage here because I can’t provide this mystical thing that they came for in the two seconds we have.” Robert Pattinson needs at least ten minutes with every Twilight fan [NYT]

“You could eat sushi off my bookshelf. My cleaning regime is like a battleground. I’m Genghis Khan and my cleaning products are my Mongolian army and I take no prisoners.” Ryan Adams [Guardian]

Robert Downey Jr.’s Next Movie to Be Awesome