Vulture’s Guide to Paranormal Paramours

No mere human.

The Twilight craze is just the most obvious example of a much larger supernatural phenomenon: Amazon currently lists 1,886 titles in the “paranormal romance” genre, from Night Falls Darkly to Shadows in the Darkness to Dark Desires After Dusk to The Darkest Kiss to … The Darkest Kiss. Many are about hot vampires like Twilight’s Edward; others are about hot werewolves, hot horse-shifters, hot gods, or hot humans who have been injected with superpowered lion DNA. As you can see in our supernaturally sexy slideshow of inhuman Lotharios, the cover art is typically a variation on three themes: beefcake men illuminated by the light of the moon; beefcake men decorated with leather, jewelry, and/or tattoos; and beefcake men superimposed upon images of wild animals. Pay close attention: One cover even hits the unholy trifecta. Grab your wooden stake and plunge right in!

Everyone knows that witches and vampires are natural enemies. So opposites attract when a witch, Ravin Crosse, accidentally casts a love spell on fanged hunk Nikolaus Drake!
To exact revenge on a vampire, Daria must become the thing she hates most – by succumbing to Alejandro Martinez, the sexiest vampire of all.
Ethan Templeton, a Texas vampire, could never fall in love with a mere mortal – until Stephanie Darling, potential serial-killer victim, turns his world upside down.
Dawn Daniels, a genetically altered Breed with feline DNA, meets a military man named Seth Lawrence – and finds that the Mating Heat is too powerful even for a lion to resist.
Mercury Warrant is half-lion, half-man. When a fiery Latina spy named Ria Rodriguez enters his life, Mercury’s animalistic nature surges to the surface.
Riley Jensen is a vampire and a werewolf. So how can she choose among her lovers – a vampire, two werewolves, and a horse-shifter –and stop a plot to create an army of super-beings?
Vampire-werewolf Riley Jensen has just discovered new bird-shifting powers! With two serial killers chasing her, she’ll need them – and her vampire lover, Quinn O’Connor.
Roshan DeLongpre is a tortured, sensitive vampire who has never known love – until he falls for the fiery red hair and sensual body of Brenna Flanagan, a Salem witch. The catch? He has to go back in time to save her from burning at the stake!
Fia Kahill is a Delaware FBI agent – and a vampire. When she’s assigned a new partner, Glen Duncan, she can’t help noticing his resemblance to her evil ex-lover from 400 years ago.
Lucien, the warrior of death and Lord of the underworld, has forgotten what pleasure feels like –until he encounters Anya, the goddess of anarchy. There’s just one problem: The gods have ordered him to claim Anya for death!
Ashlyn Darrow can psychically hear every conversation anyone has ever had since the dawn of time! She’d rather hear sweet talk from a tormented, tattooed warrior named Maddox, who hides the violence demon inside him.
Reyes is an immortal warrior, possessed by the demon of pain. He gets pleasure only from cutting himself – until he meets Danika Ford, a mortal woman with tumbling blonde hair.
Marrok of Cadbury was a warrior in King Arthur’s army – until he spurned the evil sorceress Morgana LeFay, and she cursed him with eternal sexual frustration. Will beautiful London art-gallery owner Olivia Gray finally break the spell? Or is she Morgana LeFay in disguise?
Despite her delicate beauty, Kaderin the Coldhearted is a ruthless Valkyrie assassin who has never hesitated to kill a vampire. So why can’t she control her lust for the lonely, suicidal vampire Sebastian Wroth?
Neomi Laress, a beautiful ballerina in the twenties, was murdered by her fiance. Since then, her ghost has haunted her New Orleans estate, but no one has been able to see her – until the arrival of a self-loathing vampire warrior named Conrad Wroth.
Silver-eyed virgin Holly Ashwin, Ph.D., is an obsessive-compulsive, agoraphobic mathematics professor. Little does she know that she’s also half-Valkyrie – and destined to be the bride of Cadeone Woede, second in line to the throne of the rage demons!
Dr. Kismet Knight, a Denver therapist with a private practice, is far too sensible to believe in vampires – until the turquoise-eyed Devereux enters her office. Before long, she can no longer deny the truth – or her burning lust for the leader of Denver’s secret coven of vampires.
Sassy, wisecracking policewoman Jessie McQuade has never believed in magic – until she sets eyes on Professor Will Cadote, werewolf expert. At last, a real man … unless he’s a man-wolf!
Vulture’s Guide to Paranormal Paramours