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Steven Spielberg to Kidnap Will Smith

A Couple of Oldboys: Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are in discussions to collaborate on a remake of Chan-wook Park’s vengeance flick Oldboy. If negotiations fall into place, Smith will play the lead, a man kidnapped and held in a cell for fifteen years. After his sudden and unexpected release, he’s set on a path to find those responsible for his imprisonment and take revenge. If it seems like rather dark subject matter for Smith and Spielberg, it is. But the real question: How does Big Willie cast one of his kids is such a violent pic? [Variety]

That’s What She Said: Steve Carrell is set to play the lead in The Beaver, a whimsical story about a man who goes through life with a beaver puppet on his hand, treating it as a human. Written by unknown Kyle Killen, the script has caused much excitement around Hollywood, and now, around here. Because we couldn’t think of a better actor to watch with his hand in a beaver than Carrell. [HR]

Boozer Love: William H. Macy has cast Milla Jovovich as an alcoholic former stripper in his coming-of-age comedy, Keep Coming Back — his directorial debut. The story focuses on a sheltered young man who joins an AA group to seduce the woman of his dreams (Jovovich). Macy and buddy Steve Buscemi will also star, making Keep Coming Back the creepiest coming-of-age comedy of all time. [Variety]

Nolte’s Love Song: Nick Nolte has joined Renée Zellweger and Forest Whitaker in the cast of My Own Love Song, written and directed by Olivier Dahan. The story centers on a wheelchair-bound former singer and a friend, who take an eye-opening road trip to Memphis. We suppose it has to be better than Nolte’s last road trip. [Variety]

Shock Obama Doc: HBO has paid seven figures to acquire the rights to an Edward Norton–produced documentary about Barack Obama. With filming beginning in early 2006, the doc is pulled together from over two-and-a-half years of filming, including interviews with Obama, campaign staff, family, and friends. Amy Rice and Alicia Sams direct. In light of this news, we’d like to take the opportunity to start a new Obama rumor: He was installed in the presidency by the all-powerful, world-domineering Norton so that his documentary wouldn’t be worthless. This one’s got legs. [HR]

Steven Spielberg to Kidnap Will Smith