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T-Pain’s Logic Is Infallible

Casey Ruble’s Isosceles (Yellow Wind) (2008).

“Teddy Riley can’t do it better than Roger Troutman. I can’t do it better than Teddy Riley. And can’t nobody do it better than me.” T-Pain [LAT]

“We are a true recap rock band, not just a band that sings about Lost.” Adam Schatz of Previously on Lost would ask that you not pigeonhole them [WP]

“Stand-up comedy is all about people like Lenny Bruce — they made it possible for there to be no censorship. And I’m somebody who’s like, ‘Thanks for all that work; I’m going to talk about beanbag chairs.’” Jim Gaffigan on being a clean comic [A.V. Club]

“Beyond being a bad guy, I couldn’t tell you much about Richie. I don’t have a strong recollection of Richie. What I remember mostly was giving Farrah that foot massage.” Robert Davi on doing an episode of Charlie’s Angels [A.V. Club]

“There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us.” Hüseyin Kalkan, mayor of Batman, Turkey [Guardian]

“The show is a chess game. Chuck and Blair are the king and queen. Everyone else, except Serena, is a pawn.” —Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz has never played chess in his life [NYP]

T-Pain’s Logic Is Infallible