The Office: Schrute Farms, Here We Come!

The Office

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Season 5 Episode 6

Of all the tasty nuggets dished out to Office fans last night, the most delicious was the notion that Andy and Angela’s wedding will be held at Schrute Farms. (As orchestrated by Angela, of course.) The possibilities are endless. A flower girl tossing beets? Mose Schrute officiating in a T-shirt marked with “FEAR?” Remember: Schrute Farms is the No. 1 beet-related agro-tourism destination in northeastern Pennsylvania.

We’re clearly entering sweeps, because some major plotlines are starting to rev up. The Andy-Angela wedding planning reeks of Andy seeing something he shouldn’t. Michael’s mother — hinted at for years, with casting suggestions from Carol Burnett to Mary Tyler Moore — appears ready for her long-awaited debut. And, most important, we had another roadblock in the Pam-Jim relationship.

In one of those relationship cutesy things that only Pam and Jim can get away with, they’ve implanted “the world’s smallest Bluetooth” in their ears so they can just talk to each other all day from Scranton and New York. This leads to some amusing moments, but, worst, it leads to Jim hearing Pam’s art-school friend Alex — the guy from Mad Men — take her aside and implore her to stay in New York and not return to Scranton at the end of the month. The moment works because, as smarmy as Alex might be (that is to say: He’s playing the exact same role in New York that Jim used to play when Pam was dating Roy), he’s also probably right: If Pam’s going to actually follow her art career, like Jim has always encouraged her to do, she should probably stay in New York. Jim and Pam have finally gotten what they asked for. And now it’s their biggest problem. As a couple of episodes ago implied, it’s possible that Pam just wants the next thing, the thing she doesn’t have. It was once Jim. Now it could be art school. We’ll see.

And boy, it sure was great to see Kelly Kapoor back in a plotline again, wasn’t it? She’s consistently hilarious, and might be the only comedic actress on earth with the right facial reaction to someone telling her, “You cannot just say, ‘I was raped’ and expect all your problems to go away. Not again. You can’t keep doing that.”

The Office: Schrute Farms, Here We Come!