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‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ Trailer: UFOs! Seth Rogen! Adorableness!

Jonathan Horowitz’s Nightmare on Main Street: Election ‘08 (2008)

Tagline: “We need a Hail Mary pass. We need raw power. We need … monsters.”

Translation: It worked for Pixar!

The Verdict: DreamWorks Animation’s latest is sadly not, as its title might suggest, an Aliens vs. Predator–style horror thriller — but it looks pretty good anyway! When space aliens invade America (“The only country UFOs ever seem to land in,” says a Tom Brokaw–ish TV reporter), the government unleashes an adorable band of CG monsters with celebrity voices — Reese Witherspoon is a giant woman, Will Arnett is some sort of sea monster, and Seth Rogen is B.O.B., a dim-witted blob (and not a promising mix-tape rapper, sadly). Apparently this was the studio’s first film to be created specifically for viewing in 3-D, but otherwise it looks like a reasonably straightforward goofy cartoon (and way better than Kung Fu Panda). No word on whether Rogen gets to romance a hot chick in this one, too.

‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ Trailer: UFOs! Seth Rogen! Adorableness!