Tunde Adebimpe Is Working Overtime

1. Fake Male Voice, “OMG!!! FMV!!!”
Tunde Adebimpe must be busy (in addition to singing in TV on the Radio, he recently played the groom in Rachel Getting Married), because, judging from the munching sounds at the end of this track, he had to record his new Prince-y solo material on his lunch breaks. [Pitchfork]

2. Thom Yorke, “Tchk Harrowdown Jump Remix”
Famously chipper and upbeat, Thom Yorke delivers this remix of a track from Eraser for bandmate Jonny’s birthday, and also as a reminder of the “dark days of Bush.” [East of L.A.]

3. Metric, “Help, I’m Alive!”
With Halloween just over, and Twilight about to make the undead even more cool, Metric’s Emily Haines seems to find living a bit of a drag (though this song is awesome). [We Like it Indie]

4. Whispertown 2000, “From the Start/Jamboree”
The actual jamboree doesn’t officially happen until the last thirty seconds, but this track from Whispertown 2000 (an indie-pop roots band that is the first on Gillian Welch’s new label) is great from the first note. [Mainstream Isn’t So Bad… Is it?]

5. The Decemberists, “Record Year”
On this sad and yearning track (the third and final single released by the Decemberists before their new album next year), Colin Meloy seems to be uncharacteristically sad about the “record year” we’re having. Perhaps he voted McCain? [Under the Rotunda]

Tunde Adebimpe Is Working Overtime