‘Twilight’ Autograph Session Marred by Vampire Riot

He goes way back.

Teen-vampire drama Twilight may not arrive in theaters until next Friday, but it’s already a blockbuster by the surest measure: the prerelease riot! At San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria yesterday, a planned autograph signing with Robert Pattinson — who plays bloodsucking protagonist Edward Cullen in the movie — ended in several trampled teenagers and a broken nose when more than 3,000 people showed up (instead of the expected 500), hilariously overwhelming the mall’s lone security guard. According to commenters on Twilight Lexicon, there was some confusion over when fans were allowed to line up, with some arriving the previous evening while others were told by mall employees not to come until the morning of the event, resulting in vampire chaos when wristbands were distributed. Clearly this was a case of terrible planning, but it’s still probably advisable to remain in your house with your door locked and windows shuttered for the entire duration of Twilight’s upcoming theatrical run.

’Twilight’ star causes mall madness [ABC 7]

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‘Twilight’ Autograph Session Marred by Vampire Riot