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Warning: David Cook’s Album Leaked to Internet

Remarkably, no one was injured in what was the worst New York City rail accident in decades.

David Cook, David Cook

Official Release Date: November 18

The Verdict: In the interest of public safety, we feel it is our duty to inform you that David Cook, the new full-length CD from purported American Idol winner David Cook, has made its way onto peer-to-peer networks and several nefarious Internet Websites. All those coming in contact with the album should be advised that it contains high levels of dour post-grunge (“Bar-ba-sol,” “Mr. Sensitive”), middling radio rock (“I Did It for You,” “Light On,” “Avalanche”), and pitchy caterwauling (all of the above). As a precaution, it would probably be best to shut down your computer until the record has leaked safely back off the Internet.

Warning: David Cook’s Album Leaked to Internet