Zack and Miri Make Very Little Money

Catherine Opie’s Untitled #10 (Surfers) (2003).

Uh oh! Harvey Weinstein needed a hit this weekend and didn’t get it: Kevin Smith’s Apatovian Zack and Miri Make a Porno bowed to a measly $10.7 million (an estimate that rival studios are claiming is “at least $1 million too high”), and which was barely enough to make it, rather appropriately, the weekend’s No. 2 film (behind High School Musical 3, obviously). So what happened? One assumes the semi-inane decision to open Zack and Miri on Halloween was a factor, and we’re sure its close brush with an NC-17 rating probably didn’t help either. Have audiences fallen out of love with Seth Rogen? Or were they just put off by the poop joke? In any case, this is all doubly embarrassing for the Weinstein Company since, thanks to the end of daylight savings, the weekend contained an additional hour during which people could’ve conceivably seen the film.

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Zack and Miri Make Very Little Money