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Alec Baldwin Will Never Outdo Himself

“I’m afraid that’s going to be on my tombstone.” Alec Baldwin on the “Schwetty Balls” sketch [WP]

“Suri would come up to me and take it off. So the girls in the makeup trailer got a little teddy bear with a patch on it and gave it to her and so she would play with it. That she would get used to the fact it was on me.” —Tom Cruise [People]

“We watched [it] when we were preparing ours. It wasn’t the laugh riot we were hoping for. It was a little disconcerting, because there were scenes similar to ones we were going to do. It kind of got quiet. It was like, ‘Wow, what if we wind up being the 2008 version of this?’ So what we did to cleanse our palate was watch Bananas. That made us feel a little better.” Steven Soderbergh on watching the Omar Sharif Che! [Guardian]

“I’m banned from using my email now. The media won’t allow that.” Scarlett Johansson gets all passive-aggressive [Movies Blog/MTV]

“When it came down to it, because of my love of music, and because hip-hop had influenced my swag on the screen, I had to be a part of it. But I do think Puff needs his own joint.” Derek Luke lobbies for a Diddy biopic [MTV]

“Basically, that just makes me want to do something even bigger, and I’m going to. I mean, I did a cover story with Out magazine, so part of me wants to spend a night in the clink.” Pete Wentz on Fall Out Boy’s failed attempt to play an impromptu concert in Washington Square Park [MTV]

Alec Baldwin Will Never Outdo Himself