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Anna Faris Gets Two More Chances to Outshine Her Material

Quick, someone hide the pottery wheel!

The Bunny’s Leaving the House: In Hollywood’s latest attempt to find projects for Anna Faris that are beneath her talents, Columbia is picking up 20 Times a Lady, based on a Karyn Bosnak book about a woman exploring her sexual past in order to find the right guy (says Hollywood Reporter, the movie explores “the idea of a person’s sexual quota and whether those numbers matter”), in which she’ll star. Also, Paramount has picked up an untitled project from Adam Sandler’s company Happy Madison about two estranged sisters working together to find husbands. [HR]

Adams Dies: 20th Century Fox is developing the novel The Ten Best Days of My Life as star vehicle for Amy Adams and potential directing vehicle for Night at the Museum helmer Shawn Levy. The Adena Halpern novel focuses on a woman (Adams) who dies and goes to heaven and must recount her ten best days on Earth lest she receive a demotion to a less sublime level of Heaven with all the other ingrates who never appreciated their time on Earth. [Variety]

Flash Casting ABC’s upcoming Lost-like show, Flash Forward, has signed up some actors. Joseph “Don’t Call Me Ralph” Fiennes will play lead in the sci-fi drama that follows the worldwide chaos brought upon by worldwide blackouts for two minutes and seventeen seconds that during which people see a snippet of their own future. Fiennes is set to play an FBI agent racing to unravel the mystery, and John “Don’t Call Me Harold” Cho will play his partner, whose premonition is blank. If ABC really expects this to complement Lost, they’re going to have to work to make the plot a lot more confusing than it currently is. [HR]

More Gossip: In news that is absolutely going to make Daily Intel plotz, the CW is developing a Gossip Girl spinoff. But instead of making a pilot for the new show, the network will go the cost-effective route of using an episode of GG as a backdoor pilot, allowing it to gauge audience reaction before moving forward on the companion show. The only thing known about the spinoff is that it won’t focus on Jenny Humphrey, the character spun off in the book series for The It Girl. We’re hoping it goes the way of the show’s Verizon phone spinoff and focuses on distressed but awesome maid Dorota. [Variety]

Earth vs. Water: Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman is teaming up with DreamWorks to bring sci-fi comic book Atlantic Rising to the screen. Written by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Atlantis starts with mysterious sea disturbances that force the investigation of the deepest parts of the oceans, where an ancient underwater civilization emerges and begins an epic war with plant Earth. It’s enough to make you pine for the days of friendly underwater civilizations like the friendly folks from The Abyss. [Variety]

Conor Oberst Biopic?: Vanguard Films has nabbed the rights to comic series Emo Boy with Kyle Newman onboard to direct and Stephen Edmond, the comic’s writer, penning the screenplay. The satirical story follows the most emo boy in the history of the world, whose extreme emo-ness leads to the development of emo-powers. Vanguard is hoping to make music key to the film, which has been described as in the same tone as such classic comedies as Napoleon Dynamite, Harold and Maude and Zoolander. But, you know, with lots of eyeliner and cutting. [HR]

Anna Faris Gets Two More Chances to Outshine Her Material