Californication: Less Sex, More Death


Blues From Laurel Canyon
Season 2 Episode 11

In “Blues From Laurel Canyon,” Mia celebrates the release of the book she stole from Hank, Becca learns what it is to love and lose, Charlie destroys his marriage, and Ashby atones for Hank’s sins.

Almost-stepdaughter Mia wakes Hank up by fondling him and reading from the New York Times’ rave review of their book. And the day goes downhill from there, culminating in Ashby hosting Mia’s book party. Hank finally feels validated as a writer again but can’t take credit, and Karen hasn’t even bothered reading the book. Rolling Stone’s Anika has, and she recognizes Hank — not as the secret literary stylist, but the book’s older man. Luckily, Ashby is willing to take the fall by bedding Anika and declaring himself the underage-chasing old perv.

Karen has permitted rock-star-awed Becca and her boyfriend to attend the party — but they catch him kissing another girl. The best mom can come up with? “Trusting someone doesn’t make you a loser.” That must be Karen’s mantra. Becca locks herself in the bathroom and won’t come out. Luckily, Ashby is able to offer up backstage passes to get her to open the door, and to make her feel better by gazing in her eyes and telling her she’s magic.

Marcy is back from rehab, but Charlie is working on a 90-day plan to rid himself of her and take up with Daisy. Family-values Hank forbids it, but Charlie’s plan accelerates as Daisy shows up at the book party with Vaginatown’s director. Marcy’s delight at being reunited with her porn-star quasi-daughter sours when a jealous Charlie freaks out, telling the director that Daisy’s out of porn — and announcing that he’s leaving Marcy for her. A vicious girl fight ensues, drawing in half the party before Hank breaks up the mêlée with a shotgun. The blast takes out a chandelier that nearly hits Ashby; Hank pushes him out of the way, saving him one last time.

But the catfight isn’t even the episode’s climax — Janie Jones makes a surprise appearance. She’s looking for Hank, but Hank does the right thing and fetches Ashby, who’s frozen with fear — he’s done too much to this woman to face her. Hank persuades Ashby to adopt his central article of faith: If she loves him, she’ll forgive everything. Ashby pauses for a fortifying line of coke … and then collapses. Hank jabs him with the EpiPen, but, no, it’s not a drug allergy, and it looks like Hank is not going to save the man this time.

No one got laid this episode. Will next week’s season finale offer a sexy conclusion, or will everything just continue to unravel?

Californication: Less Sex, More Death