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Dolph Lundgren’s Comeback Going About As Well As Could Be Expected

Ves Pitt’s La John Joseph (2008).

“The concert is going on and the rock music is kind of blasting and the audience isn’t really sure what’s going on and the bad guys walk up on stage and the dancers kind of keep moving and some people are still thinking it’s a concert and some are running. They take the president hostage, his family, his daughters and you know my character’s name is Joe and he’s kind of off having a joint in the bathroom. It’s a bit unusual.” Dolph Lundgren describes the opening moments of his upcoming Command Performance, in which he plays a rock drummer who has to rescue the president of Russia after terrorists kidnap him at a concert [MTV Movies Blog]

“I would actually be working with James Bond. And he would get kidnapped, and I would have to come get him and save the day. It’s a natural thing. It’s organic.” Diddy lobbies to be the next James Bond [MTV]

“There was a night when we were all on our senior trip in college and we were on Mulholland Drive, taking a piss all over the fucking street. Danny and me and everyone is screaming ‘Fuck L.A.’ and reassuring each other that we were not going to turn into those douchebags. And thankfully — except for Danny — none of us have.” Ben Best on Danny McBride [/Film]

“It was out of the window of a car, but I saw the White House, which is the most important thing, and then I saw the theater where Lincoln was shot, and then I saw that very long stick.” —Kate Beckinsale describes the Washington Monument [Politico]

“We sat cross-legged on the floor in this dark room that had a lava lamp in the corner, and David [Lynch] leaned over and touched me on the knee and said … ‘Ray, it was you, it was always you.’ And that was it. I said something like, ‘Oh shit!’” Ray Wise had the same reaction you did to finding out that Leland Palmer killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks [A.V. Club]

“Well, I definitely was playing some bongos. It was late, and it was hot, and there was … there wasn’t much clothing going on with the bongos.” Matthew McConaughey confirms the validity of all those naked bongo reports [Bullz-Eye]

Dolph Lundgren’s Comeback Going About As Well As Could Be Expected