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Frank Langella Recalls His Greatest-Ever Role

Do do doo, doo dah do do

“I loved playing Skeletor, and people sometimes say, ‘Aren’t you embarrassed?’ Not in the least! I loved my performance in that. I worked very hard to make him as exciting as I could. It was a great paycheck. But it was also delicious.” Frank Langella on his role in 1987’s Masters of the Universe [USAT]

“[He’s] a poor man’s acting coach.” Vin Diesel on Samuel L. Jackson [Reuters/HR via Yahoo]

“I don’t want to be normal. This is my childhood.” Dakota Fanning [WENN via Starpulse]

“Everybody knows who we are. You have to see us in league with The Rolling Stones now.” Noel Gallagher on Oasis [NME]

“I went out and got drunk, contemplated the whole thing and got over it.” James Cameron has overcome your expectations for his 3-D opus Avatar [AP via Starpulse]

“I don’t really want people to walk out of the cinema wanting to be the Punisher.” Ray Stevenson on Punisher: War Zone [Sci Fi Wire]

Frank Langella Recalls His Greatest-Ever Role