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George Lucas Finally Relents, Signs Off on Star Wars Musical

All he asks for in return is a hat that fits.

You’d have to be an idiot not to have seen this one coming: George Lucas, beloved director and ever-watchful protector of the Star Wars brand, has officially given his blessing to Star Wars: A Musical Journey, a stage production featuring dancing Stormtroopers and singing Wookies, according to E! Online. The show will play London’s O2 arena next April with a European tour supposedly in the works. There’s currently no word on a Broadway run, but, given the available theater space and the recession-proof appeal of completely ridiculous nonsense (admittedly, we would probably pay money to see this), you’d have to expect that one is definitely inevitable. SW: AMJ will reportedly condense the boring, convoluted plots of all six Star Wars films down into a snappy, concise two hours, which actually makes us think that it could be sort of good, provided they focus primarily on the two non-shitty movies.

Would you believe that something like this has actually been attempted before? It’s true! Talented super-nerd Timothy Edward Smith wrote a Star Wars musical in 1999 and posted MP3s of all the songs on his official Website — which, of course, has inspired tons of insane YouTube tribute videos like this one:

If we had our way, though, the show would be more like our other favorite musical tribute to Star Wars:

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George Lucas Finally Relents, Signs Off on Star Wars Musical