‘Heroes’: Deep Sigh

Kate Gilmore’s Between a Hard Place (2008)

Applying science to Heroes is a fool’s errand, but solar eclipses don’t last forever — they’re about seven minutes long, tops. They are also not global events. It says something about the collective intelligence of the show’s characters that it takes the people played by Seth Green and Breckin Meyer to figure this out for them. So after all the drama, everyone’s powers have returned. But they continue to be killed off — and also brought back to life. (Sigh.)

Say good night, Veronica Mars: Sylar’s powers return, and he rips open Elle Bishop’s skull and steals her brain. He himself is lucky to be alive, considering he’s just been, well, killed. In one of the show’s most violent scenes ever, Noah, looking like he’s in Reservoir Dogs, slits Sylar’s throat open. But like Claire — also dead — he comes back to life as the eclipse ends. So Claire and Sylar are now officially indestructible. Even when you take away their indestructibility, they are still indestructible. At least Kristen Bell can go back to breaking up with a naked Peter Bretter and narrating the gripping tales of New York’s most young and loathsome.

What else? The Petrelli brothers wrap up their utterly pointless trip to Haiti; Matt and Daphne hang out on the set of the first Superman movie (Daphne is decidedly less annoying, and almost sympathetic even, when she has no powers and is suffering from cerebral palsy); and Mohinder looks up Maya before he realizes his powers have returned and scampers away. (The Mohinder-Maya relationship has to be the dullest “love story” on NBC, narrowly edging out Justin Bruening and his car and the Brown Team and their scale.)

And finally, yes, we have Green and Meyer, the Statler and Waldorf of Heroes, the two comic-book nerds in Kansas who, it turns out, own all the graphic novels that tell our story. They have become, in essence, the writers of the show. But it would make sense that the creative geniuses behind everything are Seth Green and Breckin Meyer.

‘Heroes’: Deep Sigh