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Hunter Parrish Beloved by Marijuana Fans

Can you see the acting?

“It’s funny when I get recognized on the train. People either say ‘I love your show, dude’ or ‘Hey, where do you buy good weed?’” —Hunter Parrish [Page Six Mag]

“A month after [director] Gus [Van Sant] asked me to do it, they sent me another script, and on Page 5 there was a full-on love scene. And I was like, ‘Gus, what the heck?’ He says, ‘Well, it was Sean’s idea.’” —James Franco [Elle via NYP]

“What happened on November 23 was a complete fiasco. In what could only be characterized as reckless indifference or complete stupidity, Dr Pepper was completely unprepared for the traffic to its site. Most visitors were greeted with error messages. Some people who got through to Dr Pepper’s servers were told to call a toll free number, few of whom got through. Many walked away angry as Dr Pepper … soured the momentous music event that was Chinese Democracy’s release.” —Guns N’ Roses lawyer Alan S. Gutman [Pop & Hiss/LAT]

“I didn’t even know they existed.” Elvis Costello on making a guest appearance on a Fall Out Boy album [NYT]

“He is a real cinephile. He has studied his film theory. He didn’t fall off a turnip truck and say, ‘Hey, y’all. I’m here.’” Reese Witherspoon on Four Christmases director Seth Gordon [LAT]

“I was sick over the weekend and my 2 Transporters were on, so I watched them and in fact they aren’t that gay.” Louis Leterrier backs off on his claims that Jason Statham’s character in the Transporter movies was the first gay action hero [Hero Complex/LAT]

Hunter Parrish Beloved by Marijuana Fans