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Lily Allen Is Basically Andy Capp Now

“I’ve become a character in a comic. That’s what it feels like. And that character is always drunk!” Lily Allen [Guardian]

“He puts his beefy fingers around my neck and said, ‘Don’t turn Judy Miller into a hero.’” Rod Lurie on Oliver Stone [NYT]

“I like playing these characters with a weird existential conundrum.” Keanu Reeves explains that look on his face in all of his movies [LAT]

“Some people say that the acting isn’t nuanced or that the dialogue is too broad. But look at what’s on the screen, the acting and dialogue fit what’s going on.” Frank Oz offers a backhanded defense of the Star Wars movies [LAT]

“Yeah, we were losing count. It was like, ‘Did we kill him in that last scene?’” Ray Stevenson on the body count in Punisher: War Zone [MTV]

“What we’re interested in is taking the character of Ripley and seeing what other science fiction story we can tell about someone who has lived several lives.” Sigourney Weaver is possibly interested in a Ripley romantic comedy [Movies Blog/MTV]

“In a nutshell, Sarah Palin.” Helen Mirren on what makes her depressed [Guardian]

Lily Allen Is Basically Andy Capp Now