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Marisa Tomei Is Not Just a Naked Lady

See? She’s wearing clothes.

“Being nude was weird. And now I’m seeming like the actress who does that, which wasn’t my intention.” Marisa Tomei, who doesn’t want to be known as That Naked Actress [Parade]

“I was trying to convince Ed [Zwick] to try and slip in a dance sequence somewhere, but it just really didn’t work out.” Jamie Bell on why there’s no dance number in Defiance [MoviesOnline]

“Our version [of the Cleopatra story] will be like an Elvis musical in 3D. It’s a total rock ’n’ roll, 1966 aesthetic - like Viva Las Vegas meets Tommy.” Steven Soderbergh on why his upcoming musical Cleo will be insane [NYP]

“When you first hear the title, Spider-Man, The Musical, you think, ‘Oh what’s that gonna be like?’ The deal was that a man would never sing in spandex on stage, so, rest assured, Spider-Man will never sing in tights, only as Peter Parker.” Evan Rachel Wood assuages fanboy fears of seeing Spider-Man sing on stage [WENN via PR-Inside]

“I’ve got to do movies because they pay lots of money. I grew up in the old music business, so that’s my first love.” Billy Bob Thornton, who is actually surprised that he’s not a successful musician [WENN via Starpulse]

“I play an Australian industrialist bent on world domination. I do this with an Australian accent.” Bill Nighy on his character in the upcoming guinea-pig action comedy G Force [Moviehole]

“I couldn’t think of anyone who was more right for this character than I was, at least on the surface of it. Because of the history of the characters I’ve played — (Million Dollar Baby’s) Frankie Dunn or (Heartbreak Ridge’s) Gunnery Sergeant Highway — this one sort of sums it all up, one old bigot and his family.” Clint Eastwood on acting in Gran Torino [MCT via PopMatters]

Marisa Tomei Is Not Just a Naked Lady