Morrissey’s New Ode to Paris: Terrific, Awkward

See? She’s wearing clothes.

Is Morrissey rock’s Benjamin Button? An old soul in his youth, he sounds more vital with each passing year. “Throwing My Arms Around Paris” — the first single off the forthcoming Years of Refusal, it just made its way to British radio (and the Internet) — is the same urbane, tuneful melancholia that we’ve come to expect over three decades, compressed into two and a half highly charged minutes. Morrissey embraces the City of Light not for its shopping or Brie, but because, naturally, “only stone and steel accept my love.” For the love of Moz, someone give this man a hug!

Download “Throwing My Arms Around Paris”: Pretty Much Amazing

Morrissey’s New Ode to Paris: Terrific, Awkward

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