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The Cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Will Cure Your Infertility

Kate Gilmore’s Between a Hard Place (2008)

“If you’re trying to start a family, please come visit the set of How I Met Your Mother. Just come by and hang out for a day or two. We can’t legally guarantee anything, but by the time you leave, you will almost certainly be pregnant.” Craig Thomas on the rampant outbreaks of pregnancy in the HIMYM cast [TV Guide]

“Completely forgetting the lyrics in ‘Left Behind’ in Spring Awakening. I just kept singing ‘All things … All things … All things…’ over and over again. The worst was seeing the whole cast sitting on the lip of the stage, their shoulders shaking with laughter. ‘Totally Fucked’ never rang so true…” —Jonathan Groff on his biggest onstage mistake [Playbill]

“I was 18 years old and thought I was the best young actor in the world. Then I saw Dean. I had never seen anybody improvise before. I had never seen anybody do things that weren’t on the page. I was amazed. I grabbed him and said, ‘I thought I was the best young actor around, but I don’t know what you’re doing. You’re working so far over my head. What should I do? Should I go to New York and study with Strasberg? What should I do?’” Dennis Hopper on working with James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause [A.V. Club]

“I’m not afraid of exposing my raw nerve, and I invite them to do the same.” William Shatner will be exposing himself on his new talk show, Raw Nerve [USAT]

“I set the stage for Britney to crash and burn. I went through it all first.” Courtney Love [Elle via MSNBC]

“When I did I Am Legend, I sent him the script, and he sent me back four hours of notes and changes. He did more work on I Am Legend than I did.” Will Smith on having Tom Cruise look over all his scripts [Newsweek]

The Cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Will Cure Your Infertility