The Golden Globes: Who Got Snubbed?

Even though the hedge-betting Golden Globes split their film and acting categories into Drama and Comedy, making it somehow possible for Tom Cruise to score a nomination for his unfunny cameo in Tropic Thunder, there’s always bound to be a few oversights — so who/what got the shaft this year?

Astonishingly, Milk — now considered one of the year’s top two or three Oscar contenders — failed to score a Golden Globe nod for Best Picture or any of its actors besides Sean Penn, possibly due to the better-than-expected showing for movies like The Reader and Frost/Nixon.

Clint Eastwood was shut out of the main categories for his Gran Torino and Changeling, despite his telling everyone who’d listen that Torino will supposedly be his last-ever film role, and he’s never won an Oscar for acting, so please give him one. Hilariously, though, Torino’s title song was recognized, even thought Clint sings it himself — we hope this means he gets to do it live!

Revolutionary Road’s Michael Shannon, thought to be Heath Ledger’s biggest competition for Best Supporting Actor, got snubbed in favor of Tropic Thunder’s Cruise and Robert Downey Jr., which would be a downright shame if it weren’t also so funny. Also, Frozen River’s Melissa Leo, winner at Sundance and the Gotham Awards last week, lost out to Angelina Jolie’s shouty performance in Changeling for a Best Actress nod.

What about popular films that might actually encourage people to sit through the awful five-hour televised ceremony in January? Sadly, The Dark Knight was passed over for Best Picture and earned only the predictable recognition for Ledger in the Supporting Actor category (will he beat Tom Cruise?). And Vulture favorite Wall-E will have to be satisfied with just its chances for Best Animated Film, since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association didn’t even think it was as good as Frost/Nixon.

Finally, in the TV categories — how is it possible that all incredible members of Mad Men’s supporting cast could be looked over for acting nominations? Travesty!

The Golden Globes: Who Got Snubbed?