T.R. Knight Angling for a Brain Tumor

Martin Klimas’s Amaryllis IV (2007)

Actor-writer relations continue to deteriorate behind the scenes of Grey’s Anatomy, as T.R. Knight is rumored to have walked off the set. Claims blogger Crazy Days and Nights in an unverified scoop:

“He hasn’t attended table reads since episode 2. He is pissed and miserable and thinks his story line is stupid. He said goodbye to his hair and makeup people last week. He says he is done and has quit. ABC has not released him. Shondra Rhimes, the producer, called him and he told her he had nothing to say. He has packed his dressing room.”

Frankly, we’re surprised he hasn’t heeded the tragic lesson of Dr. Stevens: Throw a tantrum over your crappy story line this season and you can probably expect to sleep with a ghost in the next.

T.R. Knight Update [Crazy Days and Nights via Defamer]

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T.R. Knight Angling for a Brain Tumor