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Vote ‘Yes’ on Actors’ Strike, Urge Actors Who Haven’t Worked in Years

Kehinde Wiley’s The Virgin Martyr St. Cecilia (2008).

While George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and other A-list SAG members have recently taken time away from hosting charity galas and shooting Ocean’s Eleven sequels to warn their fellow actors of the dangers of calling a strike during an economic apocalypse, a growing, less-famous contingent is calling for solidarity among guild members. Alan Ruck, Mo Gaffney, Candace Cameron Bure, and Matthew Modine are among the boldish-faced names on’s “Solidarity Signatures” page, which reads like a veritable who’s who of former stars you completely forgot about. “We must arm our negotiating committee with the collective unity and strength of the Screen Actors Guild Members,” they write, presumably while all together in the same room, because where else do they have to be? “I support the Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors request for members to vote YES.” And who could possibly blame them? Picket lines are great for networking!

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Vote ‘Yes’ on Actors’ Strike, Urge Actors Who Haven’t Worked in Years