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Week in Review: Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows

In the immortal words of Heidi Klum, “You’re either in, or you’re out.” This week saw a lot of both.

You’re In!
• Hearty congrats go out to Slumdog Millionaire and Frozen River, both of which were honored as the Best Film of 2008 this week (by the National Board of Review and Gotham Awards, respectively).
• Nostalgia lovers, rejoice! Just this week alone, reboots of Full House, Arthur, Romancing the Stone, and They Live! all made headlines (and chances are looking good for Veronica Mars, too!).
• Seth MacFarlane was appointed the Smartest Person on TV by Entertainment Weekly. We’re still a little unclear on that one, but good for him!
• Everybody loves to be honored by a jury of his peers. So, if you found yourself admitted to Sundance or on the receiving end for a Grammy or an Independent Spirit Award, please take one step forward and give yourself a round of applause.
• It’s tough to find anyone who liked Richard Nixon, but it wasn’t too difficult to find our Top Ten Movie Nixons.
• Face it, if you’re in Miami checking out this year’s incarnation of Art Basel, that immediately puts you on the “In” list.
• After a valiant call to arms to his nation of disciples, Stephen Colbert managed to complete the nearly impossible task of selling more records than Kanye West.
• Is there anything Clint Eastwood can’t do? If you answered “sing,” well, then you’d be wrong!

You’re Out!
Knight Rider is headed off to the great scrap heap in the sky.
• The Great White Way will soon be losing Grease and Boeing Boeing.
• Not only did Tina Fey find herself ignominiously coming in second to Seth MacFarlane, but Barbara Walters managed to find and air video of her from her pre-makeover days. Also, the origins of her mysterious scar are no longer mysterious.
• Guns N’ Roses finally released Chinese Democracy, but no one actually bought it.
• Jonathan Safran Foer got dissed, literary style, by Anya Ulinich.
Valkyrie doesn’t even seem to be trying to get any Oscar nominations these days.
• Ellen Page was denied admission to AMPAS.
• And, last, we here at Vulture felt the sting of rejection when Paramount told us they weren’t in favor of our script treatment for Beverly Hills Cop IV.

And with that, we’ll see you on Monday!

Week in Review: Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows