Ben Silverman Comes Face-to-Unattractive-Face With Mean, Ugly Writers

Alex Melamid’s 50 Cent (2005)

Last year, during the writers’ strike, handsome NBC wunderkind (and Vulture hero) Ben Silverman demonstrated his famous flair for metaphor when he so accurately compared the WGA’s refusal to grant a waiver for the Golden Globes to “the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school trying to cancel the prom.” But yesterday, while he was accepting the NATPE Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award, he met a few unsightly scribes who evidently don’t know a good joke when they hear one.

After stumbling a bit during his speech while addressing the in-attendance widow of the late Tartikoff (“Your ex-husband, former husband … I don’t know how to say it”), Silverman was callously ribbed by fellow award recipient Chuck Lorre, creator of Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. During his own speech, Lorre invited Silverman to “meet three writers who embody ugly, mean and nerdy.” Then, according to Variety’s Cynthia Littleton, three screenwriting gargoyles sitting at Lorre’s table stood up and waved. The audience laughed and laughed, but then the joke was on them, because they all turned to stone at the horrifying sight.

NATPE: Chuck Lorre zaps Cybill, Brett and Ben Silverman; Tyler Perry puts it all into perspective [On the Air/Variety via Deadline Hollywood Daily]

Ben Silverman Comes Face-to-Unattractive-Face With Mean, Ugly Writers