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Coldplay Announce Plans to Get Even Worse

“We’ve done some pretty good stuff, but there’s something about the year changing to 2010. I’ll also be 33 that year, and I always feel that marks a different phase of songwriting. So I just try to keep as busy as possible till then. Most of my heroes did most of their great stuff before they were 33.” Chris Martin [Sun UK]

“People really don’t understand [that] I’m just in the band. I don’t do shit, I don’t run anything. They’re just using my name because somebody thinks I had some level of success, which is such fucking total bullshit. No one knows who the fuck I am. That’s why they go, ‘Bryan Adams?’” Ryan Adams on why his band is named Ryan Adams and the Cardinals [Spinner ]

“I have friends that are gay and we study the Bible together.” Prince [E!]

“In The Boat That Rocked, written and directed by Richard Curtis, I play a completely drunk and irresponsible ex-sex symbol, mother of a child with just absolutely no mothering instincts whatsoever. Then I’m in Nick Hornby’s An Education as a sadistic, anti-Semitic headmistress. Heavens, I had such a laugh doing that one.” —We are totally excited about Emma Thompson’s upcoming film roles [Parade]

“When I saw the film, I was with Frank [Miller]. I gave a nervous laugh and said, ‘Erm, Frank, that’s definitely not a silhouette.’ And he’s like, ‘Yeah, but it’s fantastic!’” Eva Mendes on seeing her naked backside in The Spirit [Mirror]

“Yes, my life is incredible but, oh my God. I have to work at it.” Kate Winslet confirms that it’s really hard to be Kate Winslet [Daily Telegraph]

Coldplay Announce Plans to Get Even Worse