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Conan O’Brien: Boring

“There are things that I did in my thirties and early forties, like Masturbating Bear, that I’m sure some frat guys will say, ‘You sold out by not doing Masturbating Bear’ [on the Tonight Show]. But I’m tired of it. I’m 45 years old … and I have two kids now.” Conan O’Brien on losing his edge [Chicago Tribune]

“There aren’t many TV shows that can go on tour. You can’t go watch The Sopranos.” —Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords [A.V. Club]

“The pilot talked about the building being foreclosed on, people not having jobs. So it’s interesting that it took place in a similar time, not that there’s anything really similar to what we’re going through, but it was a time when the economy was in a downturn. And the kids were all trying to get their lives started.” —CW President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff thinks the environment is just right for a new Melrose Place [Show Tracker/LAT]

“For me, 60 Minutes is to broadcast journalism what the Yankees are to baseball: It’s the gold standard.” —New 60 Minutes correspondent Byron Pitts hopes he isn’t the Kei Igawa of broadcast journalism [NYDN]

“She learned everything from me. I let her borrow all my used wigs.”RuPaul on Tyra Banks [NYDN]

“He helped get it made and helped produce it every step of the way. He not only helped with the comedy but with the heart and also the music. He knows his stuff. He was the one who picked ‘Can’t Hold Back’ by Survivor.” Kevin James on Adam Sandler’s contribution to Paul Blart: Mall Cop [NYP]

Conan O’Brien: Boring