Frogurt, We Hardly Knew Ya

When we were first introduced to the character on last night’s Lost known as Frogurt, we knew that the extraneous passenger on Daniel Faraday’s motorized dinghy was not long for the island. After all, in the great television tradition pioneered by Star Trek, he was wearing a red shirt. And redshirts, as anyone who has taken an Intro to Television course in college will attest, are always the first to die. And die he did, catching a flaming arrow to the chest, Gladiator style. Although his time on the island was short, he did have a few insults lobbed his way by Sawyer, the most social interaction he’d had with a Lost series regular since a special mobisode with him and Hurley was broadcast a few years back*. Rest in peace, Frogurt; too bad you’ll always be known to us as the Aaron Burr guy from the original “Got Milk?” commercial.

Here’s the mobisode from November 2007 called “The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt.”

And here’s Frogurt as he’s best known to us:

*Which, we’re not gonna lie, we never saw before this morning.

Frogurt, We Hardly Knew Ya

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