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George Clooney Returns to ER, But Will He Bring Back the Head Bobbing?

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Would you be surprised to learn that ER gets better ratings than 30 Rock? It’s true! While there’s no sense pretending that the show is even the least bit zeitgeisty anymore (nor has it been for close to a decade), people still keep tuning in on Thursday nights at 10p.m., just like they’ve been doing every Thursday night since the show’s debut in 1994. But now that the longest-running primetime medical drama of all time has entered its fifteenth and final season, some of its alums have agreed to come back to Chicago’s County General Hospital to bid the emergency room a final farewell. And while we enjoy a slice of nostalgia pie just as much as the next guy, we’re not sure we’d go out of our way to watch an episode in which Sherry Stringfield or Eriq La Salle reprise their roles. However, what if George Clooney were to return as Dr. Doug Ross, the part that made him a star? Now that would be a moment worth DVRing.

Well, fans of Dr. Doug Ross and Caesar haircuts alike can rejoice, as E! is reporting that
Clooney will be shooting some scenes on the down low for a future episode of the show today and tomorrow. This, despite previous assurances from Clooney’s camp and ER executive producer John Wells that the two-time Sexiest Man Alive didn’t have any room in his schedule to mosey his way onto the set. It is not yet known in what episode or even how long Clooney will be returning for, but our guess is he’ll pop up alongside Nurse Hathaway in the series finale. However, we’re most curious to see whether or not Clooney will resurrect the head-bobbing style he pioneered during his five-season run on E.R., the acting tic (or was it force of habit?) that David O. Russell worked so hard on the set of Three Kings to break him of. For authenticity’s sake (not to mention our everlasting devotion), please, George, make it happen!

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George Clooney Returns to ER, But Will He Bring Back the Head Bobbing?