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Bra-Stuffing Allegations Add to Bad Buzz for G.I. Joe

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It’s been a good six months or so since the last time we made our way to Vegas, but the next time we go, we’re totally gonna find an enterprising bookie who’s willing to lay odds on next year’s Razzies. We’ll walk up to him (or her, we don’t discriminate when it comes to gambling!), pull a crisp Hamilton out of our pocket, and put our money on G.I. Joe, which is shaping up as an early front-runner for the worst movie of 2009. Not only did Paramount freak out when test screenings of the trailer went poorly, but one of the film’s stars has also been vocally slagging the project for some time. Just last summer, Sienna Miller promised that the film would deliver “guns, tits, ass, no acting!” However, it seems that the “tits” Miss Miller was referring to were just rubber breasts that director Stephen Sommer allegedly ordered her to stuff into her bra, on account of the fact that he “likes girls with big boobs.” But now, as you might expect, the director is firing back.

It’s worth mentioning that this situation is hardly without precedent. Actresses like Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson, Emma Watson, and Jessica Alba have undergone digital boob jobs by overeager studio marketing departments hoping to get audiences to see their movies based on cleavage, not plotlines. However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stephen Sommers denies Sienna Miller’s claims, explaining that “the costume department gave her a tight fitting bra, but no one gave her rubber breasts or whatever. It is 100 percent Sienna Miller.”

We have to admit that, at this point, we don’t really care which one of them is telling the truth. What we really want to see is actual footage from the film. While EW didn’t really press Sommers for any details as to when a teaser trailer will debut, we do find out that the film is going to feature a cameo from Brendan Fraser (groan!) and a set piece that we’re not exactly sure he has the chops to pull off. “I remember being in the theater for Thunderball and the big underwater battle at the end of that movie just blew my socks off,” Sommers said. “In G.I. Joe, there’s an underwater battle under the polar icecap that’s Thunderball times 10!” Ugh, this one sounds less like “Yo, Joe!” and more like “Hell to the no, Joe!” to us.

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Bra-Stuffing Allegations Add to Bad Buzz for G.I. Joe