Three New Gorillaz Tracks Spotted

The Incredible Hulk is looking terrible these days.

A self-reflexively cartoonish pop celebrity in Gorillaz, Damon Albarn has been busy writing Chinese operas and getting Blur back together. But he took over the airwaves at BBC’s Radio 1 the other day to drop three new ‘rillaz demos: the operatic “Electric Shock,” the clubby “Stylo/Binge” (there’s some confusion about the name), and “Broken,” a meandering, off-kilter organ track that is the only one of the three with any vocals yet. Perhaps thinking that he’s as immune to physical harm as his alter ego, 2D, Albarn will be finishing the third Gorillaz studio album in Syria, in the heart of the Middle East.

Download all three: JP’s Blog

Electric Shock



Three New Gorillaz Tracks Spotted

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