Roger Friedman Gives Confusing, Contradictory Oscar Advice to Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet isn’t making any bones about her unbridled lust for a certain Little Gold Man this year. First, she went on record with Vanity Fair as saying, “Do I want it? You bet your fucking ass I do!” before telling Britain’s Reveal that “I want to win, I’m not denying that.” And despite the fact that neither Revolutionary Road nor The Reader is getting any traction in the Best Picture race, there’s still a good possibility that Winslet could see herself nominated in both the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress fields (respectively). However, reliably wacky Fox News columnist Roger Friedman has come up with a cockamamy an inspired idea that he thinks can guarantee her not only a Best Actress nom, but also a victory!

You see, Roger Friedman was tipped off to the fact that SAG members recently received some sort of instructions from “the mothership” (his term) that they didn’t have to follow the studio’s suggested categories for performances when selecting their Oscar nominations. Somehow, Friedman interpreted this alleged message to mean that Academy members should shun the Weinstein Co.’s For Your Consideration campaign to vote Kate Winslet’s performance in The Reader as Best Supporting Actress and instead knock that nom up to Best Actress. But why? you ask. Friedman explains that “she gives a more direct, dynamic performance” in The Reader than she does in Revolutionary Road and goes on to say that “Winslet’s chances [to win Best Actress] improve 100%” if voters follow his lead. His plan is so crazy that it just might work! And by “just might work,” we really mean “couldn’t possibly work.”

It would’ve been one thing to float this idea back in November, but now we’re entering the final lap (if not quite the home stretch) of Oscar campaigning season. Admittedly, it’s by no means too late to influence voters, but the fact of the matter is Winslet’s dual positioning in Supporting and Best Actress categories gives her a far better shot at winning than by lumping her work into one category. After all, it’s far easier to rally support among the constituency when your roles aren’t directly competing against themselves. We’re not exactly sure how Friedman neglected to consider this, but hey, it’s his column!

And besides, with her current positioning, who says that Kate Winslet can’t win two Oscars this year? There are no mortal locks in either of the two acting categories she’s eligible for, and with SAG nominations already in her pocket, chances are strong she’ll get nominated twice. And with that plucky gusto she’s displaying of late, we wouldn’t put anything past her.

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Roger Friedman Gives Confusing, Contradictory Oscar Advice to Kate Winslet