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Kevin Kline Will Be Your Full-Service Playwright for the Evening

Ames on Film: Kevin Kline, Paul Dano, Katie Holmes, and John C. Reilly have all signed on for The Extra Man, directed by American Splendor’s Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini off a script adapted from the Jonathan Ames novel. Kline plays a part-time playwright who also works as an escort for old women on the Upper East Side and mentors Dano’s character, an aspiring writer. Though Variety doesn’t say, one assumes Reilly will play a guy running around in his underpants. [Variety]

Mall-Cop Madness: Fox picked up seven new pilots over the long weekend, including The Station, a South American CIA-coup comedy executive produced by Ben Stiller, Maggie Hill, a schizophrenic-surgeon drama, and Walorsky, a mall-cop comedy written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, which should no doubt please those for whom two mall-cop-related movies in 2009 is simply not enough. [Variety]

Pilgrim Gets Ex-Boyfriends: The cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World now includes Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Alison Pill, New Funny Girl Aubrey Plaza, and a whole bunch of other people. Routh and Evans play two of the seven ex-boyfriends Michael Cera must battle in order to get his dream girl. Still no word on the Arrested Development movie. [HR]

Prepon Says Hi To Your Mother: That ‘70s Show’s Laura Prepon has signed on for five episodes of How I Met Your Mother; she’ll be playing Ted Mosby’s ex- and possible future girlfriend. We’d try to make a clever That ‘70s Show reference here, but we were never able to retain any plot-line details past its closing credits. [EW]

Stunt Casting Fantastic: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz will guest star on the March 18 episode of CSI: NY. Apparently they will not be playing themselves, which is too bad: we were hoping Gary Sinise and friends could use some fancy forensics to solve the mystery of why they’re still famous. [EW]

Kevin Kline Will Be Your Full-Service Playwright for the Evening