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Lily Allen Would’ve Been Even More Awesome in the Eighties

“The annoying thing is, I know that twenty years ago I’d have been booked in at the Ritz with five grams of cocaine on my table and ten bunches of flowers. Some new clothes. A chauffeur on twenty-four-hour call. Now I’m lucky to get an Oyster card.” Lily Allen is disappointed with the lack of perks in the record industry [Showbiz Spy]

“The truth is Sway forced us off the network.” Aziz Ansari on why Human Giant is on hiatus [Sound of the City/Voice]

“I’m gonna fart on Usher! Don’t print that … actually it’s ok. He deserves it!” Kid Sister is going to fart on Usher [Pitchfork]

“We met Kyle Gass in L.A. and he said, ‘You guys are like a skinny version of us.’” Bret McKenzie [TONY]

“I just think it’s a network that’s desperate. It’s the last gasp of a dying network.” Richard Belzer takes NBC to task for scrapping all 10 p.m. scripted programming [Show Tracker/LAT]

“It’s hard when you’re going to a premiere with those two knockouts, who are a million years younger. I’ll just stand in the back, where the photographers will be like, ‘Can you get out of the shot, honey?’” Kristen Johnson on co-starring in Bride Wars with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson [LAT]

“It’s an entertaining article that manages to take its hero from the heights of superstardom to the depths of narcissism. But it never redeems him and it does so at the cost of fact.” Patrick Stump on Blender’s cover story on Fall Out Boy [MTV]

Lily Allen Would’ve Been Even More Awesome in the Eighties