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Will Mickey Rourke Hide His Million-Dollar Face in Iron Man 2?

Forget about Britney and those irrepressible New Kids on the Block — can there be any doubt that the comeback story of 2008 belonged to Mickey Rourke? No! After a decade lost to straight-to-DVD crappola, the once-promising actor rode his incredible face back into our hearts through the harsh lighting of Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. And, Oscar or not, his bright future is now seemingly assured — fast on the heels of yesterday’s news that he’d been cast alongside such box-office slayers as Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables comes a slightly more exciting announcement: Rourke is currently in discussions to star as the villain in Iron Man 2! But is this really good news?

Maybe not! Though the trades disagree over which specific evildoer he might play — Variety claims it’s the Crimson Dynamo while The Hollywood Reporter thinks it’s Whiplash — either part would require him to put a mask over the weather-beaten face currently winning him so much acclaim. A mask! Over his face! Sure, he’d probably get to act a little without headgear (maybe in the beginning of the film before he turns evil), but in all the important scenes, that lumpy visage critics and moviegoers love so much will be obscured by layers of costume and special effects. For shame, Paramount and Iron Man director Jon Favreau!

Mickey, for the sake of your comeback, we’re begging you — turn down this part! You don’t see Zac Efron hiding his beautiful eyes, or the famously coiffed Robert Pattinson signing up to play a person wearing a hat, do you? Show us your face!

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Will Mickey Rourke Hide His Million-Dollar Face in Iron Man 2?