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Oprah: Not That Interested in Taking a Pay Cut

“I think I could be senator, too. I’m just not interested.” Oprah Winfrey doesn’t have time for your petty government [Chicago Breaking News]

“I’ve had it happen actually, with a really small — worryingly small — pair of knickers thrown at us one day, and a worryingly big pair. I didn’t like that. It’s like, ‘Fuck! Can we not get a decently sized pair of knickers thrown at our band please?’” —Travis front man Fran Healy [A.V. Club]

“I always joke that Jack dies and they discover he’s been the Terminator the whole time. That’s why he never died [and] why he can’t stay in relationships.” Jon Cassar on the origin of Jack Bauer [Ausiello Files/EW]

“You want to find the thing that people actually identify with in the series and do something that leaves them feeling satisfied for having spent X number of hours of their lives devoted to watching your ongoing narrative.” John Wells, who, upon realizing that X = 331, will create a finale for ER in which George Clooney gets stuck in a sewer grate after escaping a vicious bear attack (with the help of the ghosts of Anthony Edwards and Mekhi Phifer), only to be saved by a disinterested Eriq La Salle before dying in the arms of a weeping Sherry Stringfield [LAT]

“It’s coming, I guess, not from a place of power and fantasy, but rather an acknowledgment of, ‘Oh, I don’t actually have a lot of power. I am a geek.’ Whereas metal is trying to pretend you are not a geek.” Rivers Cuomo on the difference between Weezer and metal [A.V. Club]

“The video lifts a lot not just from old Fellini but, more specifically, Roger Rabbit.” Pete Wentz on Fall Out Boy’s new video for “America’s Suiteharts” [MTV]

Oprah: Not That Interested in Taking a Pay Cut