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At Long Last, Brandon Flowers Opens Up About Shaving His ’Stache

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“I just thought that the person who sings ‘Human’ doesn’t wear a mustache, and that’s when I decided to let it go.” Brandon Flowers [TONY]

“We were kind of planning on doing a live election special, but decided it would be best left to Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart. We’d look like a bunch of jerks if we tried to compete with them.” Paul Scheer on the Human Giant election special that never happened [Losanjealous]

“He’s massaging my shoulders and he’s like, ‘You wanna watch Top Gun?”” —ex-LFO frontman Rich Cronin on the consistently creepy Lou Pearlman [MTV]

“All of a sudden Sundance has become this very commercial thing — which, it started out to be the opposite of that.” —18-year-old Kristen Stewart remembers the good old days of Sundance [MTV]

“You don’t think I’ll take advantage of that opportunity for everybody to look at me and listen to me?” 50 Cent will use Eminem’s Relapse as a desperate cry for attention [MTV]

“I have lunch with him two, three times a week, and you have no idea how women are still attracted to him.” Charles Gérard on 75-year-old Jean-Paul Belmondo [NYT]

“He hijacked the band.” —Honey Brothers vocalist Ari Gold (no, seriously) on how Adrian Grenier got involved with the band [NYP]

At Long Last, Brandon Flowers Opens Up About Shaving His ’Stache