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Even Drew Barrymore Is Getting Sick of Romantic Comedies Starring Drew Barrymore

Jenny Laden’s Red Mountain (2008).

“I remember one stewardess on a plane saying, ‘What do you have coming out?’ And I said, ‘Oh, I’m doing this romantic comedy.’ She said, ‘Another one!’ Part of me felt like saying, ‘Listen, bitch.’ But the other part of me felt like, ‘You know what? You are absolutely fucking right. I need to change. I need to do other things.’” Drew Barrymore on playing the same role over and over again [Sun UK]

“I can’t sit here and tell you I think movies make any difference at all.” Steven Soderbergh on the impact of his movies [MCT via PopMatters]

“I’d like to do some comedy work. I’d love to do a show with a stand-up comic and music. I’m not sure how that would work. But there must be a way.” P.J. Harvey on her desire to do music for comedy, which is the greatest idea we’ve ever heard [NYDN]

“I’m sure you all have seen me rocking an Iron Maiden shirt lately and I know there’s been some people saying, ‘Oh, she’s a poser,’ and ‘The only reason she’s wearing Iron Maiden is because she wants to be a rock star.’ So, Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills, Fear of the Dark, Running Free, (all) good song(s), check it out. So thank you, guys. I actually do like Iron Maiden” Miley Cyrus responds to criticism that she’s not a real metalhead [ContactMusic]

“I didn’t take credit until the episode where they showed his demise. Not only did I refuse credit, I told everyone it wasn’t me. I would say it sounds like the Un-cola guy, Geoffrey Holder.” James Earl Jones on being the voice of Darth Vader [USAT]

“The song-writing has improved I hope.” —The Fray’s Joe King echoes our sentiments about the new album from The Fray [Sun UK]

Even Drew Barrymore Is Getting Sick of Romantic Comedies Starring Drew Barrymore