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Joss Whedon Continues to Lower Expectations for Dollhouse

“Beyond the fact that I’m excited about pursuing that story and that world, I love the fact that, you know, you can make something and just put it up without, you know, without having to reshoot the whole thing.”Joss Whedon on why a Dr. Horrible follow-up is more exciting to him than Dollhouse [Sci-Fi Wire]

“Like, they were on an entirely black velvet set, wearing white bodysuits that they weren’t allowed to sweat in, even though there was a bank of lights so powerful that they caused a brownout in Burbank. So they weren’t allowed to sweat. They’re running around in white suits on black velvet with these lights. And they were saying terms that for the time had no meaning for them. They didn’t know what a ‘program’ was. Bruce [Boxleitner] was saying they were … pulling these things out of, like, sci-fi dictionaries. I mean, they had no idea.” Olivia Wilde on the difference between the first Tron and its upcoming sequel [SciFi Wire]

“I wanted to get some T-shirts made with an old pregnant bitch with a circle and a line through it.” Craig Robinson on cashing in on the popularity of his role as the club doorman in Knocked Up [A.V. Club]

“I know lots of people that take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work every day, no problem at all. But we never hear that side of the story. I have no statement to make, I just wish people wouldn’t sensationalize this thing that just exists. Some people are bad at taking drugs.” Lily Allen advocates that cocaine should get some more positive press [Word Magazine via PopEater]

“We got drunk all the time. There was real vodka being drunk in more than one scene. And I must say, it did help to fight off the cold.” Daniel Craig on coping with the filming conditions during Defiance [Parade]

“It’s a remake of a French film about an anal middle-aged lonely hit man who’s never had a girlfriend. He’s asked to kill a woman — played by Emily Blunt — and he can’t pull the trigger. I can understand, because it’s Emily Blunt.” Bill Nighy on his upcoming film Wild Target [MCT via PopMatters]

“You must remove one article of clothing — your pants, your top — or else you are not allowed in my dressing room. That gets the fucking party started so quick. Everyone’s walking around topless.” —Now you know what you have to do to get into Tommy Lee’s dressing room [Playboy via Spinner]

Joss Whedon Continues to Lower Expectations for Dollhouse