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Daniel Craig Is Gonna Live Forever

Gardar Eide Einarsson’s Untitled (Theft) (2008)

“I can play guitar better than Noel so I don’t know how playing him is really going to work.” Daniel Craig responds to Noel Gallagher’s declaration that he would like Craig to play him in a movie [NME]

“The response we got from Fox was a flat ‘pass.’ That’s it. An internal Fox email documents that executives there felt the script was one of the most unintelligible pieces of shit they had read in years. Conversely, Warner Brothers called us after having read the script and said they were interested in the movie — yes, they were unsure of the screenplay, and had many questions, but wanted to set a meeting to discuss the project, which they promptly did. Did anyone at Fox ask to meet on the movie? No. Did anyone at Fox express any interest in the movie? No. Express even the slightest interest in the movie? Or the graphic novel? No.” —Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin on the increasingly testy legal battle over the film [Hitflix]

“I like Mad Men. I would love to be in that. It is such a good show, it’s great. I love the 50’s era. I would love it if they offered me a role.” Jennifer Aniston on her hopes for Mad Men to embrace television’s stunt-casting craze [Entertainmentwise]

“I do feel that I often play or get stuck in between two men. I think it’s hard to be a 24-year-old actor and not be typecast. A lot of roles are either for a sexy person or a Juno-type character.” Scarlett Johansson would rather be the sexy person [Harper’s Bazaar]

“Victor Creed/Sabretooth reminded me a lot of my character in Defiance, and, not to get too Shakespearean, but Iago in Othello. I didn’t find anything really unfamiliar except the weightlifting regimen I had to go through to pump up for the role.” Liev Schreiber takes his work very seriously, even when playing a comic-book character [Parade]

“There are pleasures to writing — you kind of get out a lot of your bad secretions.” John Updike makes us feel a little bit uncomfortable [MCT via PopMatters]

“I am technically dead but then again, who cares?” Bill Nighy lobbies to return for the next installment of Pirates of the Carribbean [MTV]

Daniel Craig Is Gonna Live Forever