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Not Even the Rain Tastes Like Sweet-and-Sour Pork

Samara Golden’s Yes No Party (2008/9)

“I think of him as sweet-and-sour pork. He’s so sour and acerbic, and he’s arrogant and funny and obnoxious. And then he says something (that) is so sweet.” Paula Marshall on Jay Mohr [USA Today]

“I cannot tell you what I know or what I don’t know about the final Cylon (hint to non-nerds, a Cylon is a sexy robot). But again: be logical. Since we know the show’s viewers have been desperately waiting for years to find out which of their favorite characters is secretly a sexy robot, do you think the show’s creators would spin those viewers’ swivel chairs around at the last second to reveal that it’s actually the PC guy?” John Hodgman is probably not the final Cylon [City Room/NYT]

“I don’t even want a Golden Globe. Golden Globes are for jerks. That’s not true – I’m pissed.” — It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Kaitlin Olson on not being nominated for a Golden Globe [SI]

“All we can say is, Daniel is still a series regular on the show, but Jin is not on the Season 5 poster. Sort of extrapolate what you will from that. Whether or not Jin is alive or dead does not preclude him from being on the show.” Damon Lindelof reveals the plot twist for the fifth season of Lost: ZOMBIES!!! [Watcher/Chicago Tribune]

“NBC for me is like the crazy ex-wife I can’t get away from.” Kevin Reilly [WaPo]

“I was nervous about it because I’d worked with Adam [Sandler] before, and Will [Smith] before that, but … you know, I was sick of carrying those guys.” Kevin James on being a leading man [LAT]

“It was a pretty surreal experience at first, but after a while it’s not a big deal. You’re just standing in the kitchen with Bono drinking a glass of wine, and he’s just a guy.” —The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner on meeting Bono [BlackBook]

Not Even the Rain Tastes Like Sweet-and-Sour Pork