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Even Will Arnett Is Dying to Know the Name of Amy Poehler’s New TV Show

“I will not do a guest spot on their show until they get a title. I will not do an untitled show! Sorry, that’s just me, but you know, get a title, OK? Get a title! Disgusting.” Will Arnett on whether or not he’ll appear in Amy Poehler’s new television show [E! Online]

“You can’t make Kyle Reese a pansy; that’s like pretty obvious.” Anton Yelchin on his acting approach in Terminator: Salvation [SciFiWire]

“I have a lot of issues. Money, women, fast cars, more money, more women, the right woman. Just issues.” Tracy Morgan [Maxim via Page Six]

“There are three-dimensional characters in this world. There’s a love triangle going on, there’s a town that counts on the mines in order to survive for their whole livelihood — it’s operating on so many levels. And then there’s this psychopath, who has his own reasons for killing people.” Ed Gathegi on why he wanted to be in My Bloody Valentine 3-D [MTV]

“Our mission in life is to show people the ever-so-slight difference we have between our two places. That’s a big part of the show. ‘We’re from New Zealand! It’s quite a way from Australia! We’re the one with rivers and gullies and hobbits and toothbrush fences! We’ve got interesting things.’ It’s funny, because we take it quite seriously, and when we come abroad, we say ‘Oh my God, why do we take those toothbrush fences so seriously?’” —Flight of the ConchordsRhys Darby on being from New Zealand [A.V. Club]

“Alec Baldwin actually said to me, ‘Everything you ever taught yourself as an actor not to do because it’s bad acting, do it on this show.’” Edie Falco on being in 30 Rock [E! Online]

Even Will Arnett Is Dying to Know the Name of Amy Poehler’s New TV Show