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Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2008?

All this month and next, debate will rage across the Internet about the best movies of 2008. Optimists will make a case for Happy-Go-Lucky; pessimists for The Dark Knight. America’s embittered suburbanites, washed-up wrestlers, garbage-compacting robots, and old-man babies will all stump for the films that most reflect their life experience, arguing passionately into the night.

But what about the awful films of 2008? Who will remember them? The Shyamalanian disasters, the failed epics, the oeuvre of Al Pacino? Who will tell us which, of the 300-plus films shat out by Hollywood this year, was truly the most awful?

Vulture, that’s who! We’ve undertaken the most comprehensive survey of crappy movies ever, contacting dozens of major critics and asking them for their least-favorite stinkers, turkeys, botches, catastrophes, and fiascoes. For those major critics who don’t respond and who didn’t publish their lists elsewhere, we’ve dug through their 2008 reviews for the most memorable pans.

We wound up with 57 ballots for 57 critics. Each mention of a film on a ballot earned that film one point, with a bonus point awarded each time a film was named the absolute worst of the year.

So what movies made it onto our ten-worst list? Sure, the list contains all of 2008’s films starring Canadian comedians as mustached gurus, but it also contains some surprises. Which awards hopefuls made the bottom ten? Which Oscar-winning stars were derided by America’s critics? Check out our exclusive slideshow to find out what’s the worst movie of the year, and check out the complete Vulture Critics’ Poll ballots to read America’s leading critics cutting loose on the movies they hated so much.

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Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2008?